Seattle Process Claims Another Victim: Mike Holmgren New President of Cleveland Browns

The Browns understand that a proven winner like Holmgren doesn't like having too many bosses.
Mike Holmgren said no to the Seahawks in order to take a job with the Cleveland Browns. So why did the Pacific Northwest lose out to the Rust Belt? The P-I's Greg Johns and the Times Steve Kelley both come to the same conclusion.

Says Johns:

Holmgren said Cleveland owner Randy Lerner offered him "any and all" positions...Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke wasn't singing that song. He was talking of fitting into the structure, not creating a new structure...He offered a position as team president -- with power to hire a general manager and make all the major calls -- but still a position sandwiched between layers of other management.

Says Kelley:

As a matter of fact, with the way owner Paul Allen runs his sports franchises, there is no such thing as total control. There is a filtration system that often involves the input of non-football people...But in Seattle, there always is another layer to muck through in front of Paul Allen. It can be someone like Vulcan board member Bert Kolde, or it can be team CEO Tod Leiweke, as good a person as there is in sports, but not a football expert.
Ahh yes, the dreaded Seattle process. So we meet again.
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