Seattle Blogs: Bill Gates Plays Role of Jesus in Arkansas Secular's Version of a Nativity Scene

Every manger scene could use its own billionaire.
The best of what the Seattle blogosphere has to offer.

- The Microsoft Blog says that Gates is one of a few familiar faces (including Albert Einstein and John Lennon) featured in the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers' secular holiday display in Little Rock.

- PubliCola hears rumors that outgoing Mayor Greg Nickels is Harvard-bound. (Insert joke about Boston's wintry weather and snow removal here.)

- U.S.S. Mariner advises Seattleites to dance in the streets after swiping Cy Young winner Cliff Lee away from the Philadelphia Phillies. A slightly different reaction than the one most M's fans had the last time the team landed a much-hyped pitcher. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Bedard.)

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