Reardon Watch: Answering His Call

Anything to get closer, Aaron.
It's been a little quiet up at Snohomish County headquarters. What could Aaron Reardon be cooking up? Some kind of grand new initiative perhaps?

In the meantime, Reardon has come through with an unbelievable opportunity. He needs people to serve by his side.

"Looking to give back to your community?" Reardon asked on his Facebook page earlier this week.

Turns out, this particular call to service will have you working with (or at least near) our hero. And who wouldn't want that?

Reardon is looking to fill slots on eight county boards and commissions overseeing various county agencies and programs from the Evergreen State Fair to drug dependency and mental health services.

"Serving on one of the county's boards and commissions is a way to make a difference firsthand," Reardon says.

We may be facing a glut of commission hopefuls. The state has been cutting its own boards and commissions throughout the year in an attempt to salvage its dismal budget. The positions are volunteer but between paying out mileage and a per diem, they do cost money. Just yesterday, Governor Christine Gregoire cut 17 by executive order and said she would propose getting rid of another 78 next year.

All those community-service minded individuals looking for new volunteer opportunities, surely some of them are living in Snohomish County.

If you're worried about making the cut, play the numbers game. The boards and commissions have various qualifications--some being quite specific. Presumably competition will be fierce for spots on the Children's Commission, which requires only that you "be a Snohomish County Resident who is willing to serve as an advisor on issues of the health, safety and welfare of children."

Where I suspect there will be fewer applicants is the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board where two slots are reserved for "substance abusers in the recovery stage."

I suspect the meetings don't involve Aaron holding you against his incredibly strong chest while he soothes you through withdrawals, but he is involved in the selection process. If it increases my chances of getting closer to him, I can be a meth addict by Christmas.

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