Reader: You Wouldn't Work for Free, So Why Should Jake Locker?

EA Sports, the NCAA and U-Dub all profit from this video game. But not Locker.
Reader and Daily Weekly editor emeritus Damon Agnos responds to Did Jake Locker Just Play His Last Game as a Washington Husky? Damon asks why Locker shouldn't get paid if his talents are so obviously enriching the NCAA?

"Only in the world of college sports is it 'foolish' to go for $20 million of guaranteed money because 1) It goes against the assessment of a bunch of armchair GMs who are blinded by love of their favorite team and myths of amateurism, and 2) leaving early would harm the player's 'legacy' in the eyes of the aforementioned demographic."

"As for 'dollars over a degree'--gimme a break! Even if Locker weren't on schedule to graduate this spring (which he is), it doesn't take a person of great industry or ingenuity to pick up the remaining classes while earning a giant paycheck in the pros.

Sure, maybe he would be more prepared if he stayed another year, but that's a lot of money to leave on the table. Locker is currently making big bucks for UW sports, ABC, FSN, Steve Sarkisian, NCAA execs, etc. Would you continue to work for free at your job while everyone else made that kind of money off of you?"

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