Reader: Sen. Patty Murray Must Have Missed All Those "Made in Alabama" Tags

Sen. Murray is clearly ignorant to the contributions to Southern rock made by Alabama Thunderpussy.
Reader Charlie responds to Good Thing Patty Murray Doesn't Run in Alabama: Senator Says Southerners Don't Build Anything. He thinks her claim that the Southern state doesn't actually build anything is way off.

"It should be terribly insulting to an individual who uses her position, who should be a professional and act in a manner that is appropriate for such a position, to criticize a people."

"I can understand if she wants to be condescending to a politician from Alabama, but to actually degrade the people? How immature, tacky, and closed minded do such actions reflect the true intent of such an ignorant individual.

An apology should be in order, and then it would best suit such outlandish thoughts to be kept to her self. Perhaps Sen. Murray needs to see the 'Made in Alabama' tags on the M class Mercedes, Hundai, or Honda automobiles.

Perhaps Sen. Murray could investigate where the Fex Ex plane that delivered her packages were refurbished and fitted to Fed Ex specifications. Perhaps Sen. Murray should think before she lets her mouth overload her intelligence."

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