Reader: How Do You Define a "Quality" School?

Improvement won't come until we agree on a way to measure classroom success, says a reader.
Reader Charlie Mas responds to Reader: Cleveland High School Will Succeed Because of New Students, Not New Plan.

"For all of the talk about 'Every School a Quality School' or all of the chatter about teacher quality, I haven't seen anyone define a quality school or teacher quality in any measurable way.

In the absence of any such defintions, all of the talk is meaningless. It leads to situations like the one brewing at Cleveland or the situation in Bellevue, where all of the low-performing students are ghettoed into Robinswood to improve the numbers and reputations of the other high schools."

"This doesn't improve the schools and it doesn't improve the outcomes for the students. It only re-distributes the students to create the illusion of improved outcomes for the schools."

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