Reader: Enough With the Damn Monorail Already

What if it was an adorable kitty? Then would you support the West Seattle monorail?
Reader Max responds to Joel Horn Still Wants to Ride the Monorail. He's completely wrong about the our position on the monorail (for a healthy dose of skepticism, click here) but at least he's wrong in an entertaining way.

"The clueless reporters and columnists at the Weakly spent a decade trying to tell us how wonderful monorail was.

"And then you clowns spent less than a year covering the monorail meltdown, which was due to one thing: engineering reality. The real life application proved the technology was wrong (low capacity and inflexibility)."

"The incompetence of monorail leadership was only matched by the emotion-driven incompetence of "journalist" cheerleaders of Mike Seely's ilk.

But dreams die hard, don't they?

Light rail might be a tool of "the man" ...but it works. Which, in the end, is what transit systems are supposed to do.

The monorail made people feel good (for a while). But that was about it.

Joel Horn, Tingleyfeelin and Mike Seely might as well be promoting Woodstock II."

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