Reader: Cleveland High School Will Succeed Because of New Students, Not New Plan

Maria Goodloe-Johnson's success will have little to do with a cash infusion and new game plan, says a reader.
Reader Charlie Mas responds to Will Cleveland High School Become Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson's Crown Jewel or Albatross? Charlie says Cleveland High School's success will have less to do with Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson's actions and more to do with a key change in demographics. Namely, the kids.

"It's going to be different this time because they are replacing almost all of the students."

"Watch Cleveland's demographics change as goes from being a neighborhood school for the local community of underperforming minority students from low-income homes to an alternative school for students choose to accept the commitment to take four years of math (or more) at least through calculus, take four years of science (or more), and attend for an additional two hours a day.

Cleveland will be drawing from a completely different population.

The District finally figured out what had to change at Cleveland to make it work: the students.

When they claim that they turned the school around - and they will - remember that they did it by replacing the students. It's not a sustainable or repeatable model."

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