Prank Caller Phones in Fake Police Shooting, Singlehandedly Revives Argument in Favor of Modern Stocks

This man will think twice before peeing in public again.
Lawmen in the medieval times get a bad rap. Sure they went overboard with the disembowling. But when it came to petty criminals, 11th-century folk knew how to prevent repeat offenders: Just put 'em in the stocks.

That's the punishment that should be meted out to the Port Angeles man or woman who called in a fake police shooting on Saturday night. In light of the recent murders of four officers in Lakewood and Seattle cop Timothy Brenton, when Port Angeles PD heard of an "officer-involved shooting" at a Chinese restaurant they brought the cavalry, including the county Sheriff and Border Patrol.

After they found out it was a hoax, Port Angeles opened a criminal investigation. Here's hoping they catch the person responsible. Then sentence them to weeks of public humiliation, rotten tomatoes to the face and taunts from small children.

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