Paris Hilton and Her Shoe Company Sued in Seattle

Strangely enough, there aren't a lot of Paris Hilton photos where you can see her shoes.
Success has eluded hotel heiress Paris Hilton in music, movies and publishing. So why not fashion too?

According to a recently filed lawsuit, Hilton allegedly infringed on a patented design when she created a pump for her shoe line. (Described by a fashionable co-worker as looking like the drag queen version of Russell Crowe's Roman sandals in "Gladiator.")

Brooklyn-based Gwyneth Shoes say Hilton and her company Antebi Footwear Group willfully infringed on a patent of theirs called "Shoe Sock Having a Heart Shaped Pad." After the jump, compare and contrast photos of the two shoes and struggle along with us as we try to understand why this is happening in Seattle.

Here's Paris' version:

paris hilton's shoe.jpg

And now here's Gwyneth's:

gwyneth shoes.jpg

See the heart? Great. Now on to the more interesting question: Why Seattle?

Gwyneth is HQ'ed in Brookly, N.Y. And Hilton, like most celebrity creatures, seems to spend most of her time in Los Angeles.

Gwyneth's suit claims they have jurisdiction in Seattle because Antebi sells its Paris shoes at "national department stores with branches located in Washington, including Macy's located at 800 Stewart St., Seattle." But last time I checked, lots of shoes get sold at Macy's.

I tried to contact Gwyneth's lawyers but have heard nothing in response. So I turned to Tom Ferguson, a local attorney specializing in intellectual property cases. But he was stumped too.

"(Gwyneth) might be looking for a favorable district, the most strategically advantageous court to file the case in," says Ferguson. "But Seattle doesn't have any such reputation for such a thing. Why anyone would come here to shop for a forum is beyond me."

So there. Not even a guy who knows of these things can explain why Hilton is being sued here.

Oh well, at least this means the slim possibility of a (hopefully absurd) Paris sighting in downtown Seattle. Wonder where she'd stay.

(H/T: Puget Sound Business Journal)

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