New Lead in the 1968 Disappearance of 8-Year-Old David Adams

Denise Grollmus at our sister site True Crime Report has details of a new lead in the 1968 disappearance of 8-year-old David Adams.

"It was May 3, 1968 when David Adams vanished. The 8-year-old was walking home from a friend's house in Issaquah when he disappeared. As soon as his parents reported David missing, authorities began a massive search."

"A thousand volunteers and a dozen tracking dogs combed the woods surrounding Issaquah, which had a population of no more than 4,000 at the time. Marine helicopters used infrared technology, hoping to track his body. But nothing ever turned up -- not a single clue or a shred of evidence. Police assumed he'd fallen down a mine shaft or was attacked by a cougar. No one ever suspected any foul play.

Now, 41 years later, police say they have a new lead in the boy's disappearance.

On April 6, the King County Sheriff's Department announced the creation of a new cold case unit that would be examining 193 homicide and missing person's cases dating back as far as 1942. David's file was among them.

Less than a year after reopening the case, investigators determined that he probably wasn't dragged off by a mountain lion. He was most likely abducted.

Detective Scott Tompkins followed up on an old tip that pointed to the boy's neighbor as a person of interest. Original police reports put the man, who was 20-years-old at the time, in the same area as David just minutes before he disappeared. Tracking dogs did catch David's scent up to the man's house, but a body was never found.

Earlier this year, Tompkins had the telephone records of that man subpoenaed. Apparently, the man -- whose name has not yet been released because there are no charges yet -- was trying to steer potential witnesses away from authorities. The suspect -- now 61-years-old and still living in the area -- may have also been talking with someone about his connection to boy's disappearance.

David's mother, Ann Adams, still gets choked up when she talks about the day her son went missing. She also says she never believed that his disappearance was an accident.

As police continue to interview more witnesses, her hunch may be proven right."

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