Mike McGinn's Latest Flip-Flop: The City Says It's Still a PC, Not a Mac

Bill Schrier, the city's head IT guy, politely informs Mayor-elect Mike McGinn that Seattle is still a PC.
All flip-flops are not created equal. When then-mayoral candidate Mike McGinn backed off his over-my-dead-body opposition to the tunnel two weeks before the election? Now that was a flip-flop. This? This is...different.

After his victory, Mayor-elect McGinn asked Seattle's IT department if he could use a Mac rather than the city's PCs. Technically, McGinn's request was minor. Symbolically, it was not; people tend to notice when the city's highest elected official favors products made by the main competitor of one of the city's biggest employers.

But now, TechFlash reports that we can forget about all that "Is McGinn a Mac or PC" business. Because Chief Technology Officer Bill Schrier has answered that question.

Schrier is keeping the job he held under Mayor Greg Nickels. And he says that's not the only thing that's staying the same. From TechFlash:

"The mayor-elect is not interested in changing that standard," Schrier said, explaining that the city looked briefly at Macs for the office but didn't seriously consider a switch. "He is quite concerned about cost-containment, and what we've got now works. The new mayor's office will be using existing PC-based standards."
So McGinn let Schrier flop his flip because buying new Powerbooks would have cost a city without a lot of cash too much of it? Hey, this guy is getting more reasonable by the day.
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