Mall Cop Tries to Bribe Shoplifting Teens for Sex

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Attention teenage girls: No matter what this man offers you, don't take off your top.
When Michael Olivas caught two teenage girls shoplifting at the Olympia J.C. Penney he didn't deliver a customary form of punishment. No, instead of using the straight line preferred by law enforcement, Olivas took a much skeezier detour.

According to the girls, ages 17 and 18, the 35-year-old Olivas told them the stolen clothes could be their little secret so long as they flashed him their breasts. Olivas allegedly took cell phone pics while the girls were undressing. Then he upped the ante, saying he'd really forget about the misdemeanor if they'd just have sex with him too.

The girls declined Olivas' amorous offer. But, being teenage girls, they made sure to tell their friends about it.

As a result, Olivas was fired from his job as a "loss prevention officer." (Essentially a plain-clothes mall cop.) And this week he plead guilty to two counts of voyeurism.

Olivas faces up to two years in jail for his crimes. Plenty of time for him to mull over the more socially acceptable form of bribery offered by a men trying to convince a woman to take her clothes off: dinner and a movie.

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