Joel Horn Still Wants to Ride the Monorail

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A tainted monorail director still wants to ride that train.
Joel Horn, the former Seattle Monorail Project Executive Director whom some consider the pinstripe-capped engineer of the elevated train's derailing, has a blog called "The View from North 59th Street." And on that blog, Horn is back to advocating for a familiar subject: the Monrail's Green Line, which would have (could still?) run from Ballard to West Seattle.

"I went up to our local Starbucks at 6AM and was waiting in line when a very nice man in his late fifties came up to me and thanked me for all the hard work everyone had put into trying to build the Green Line," writes Horn. "Why we can't still build it since it is still would be so valuable, he asked. He said, 'My wife and I go to the Pike Place Market every weekend and it would be so great to have the Green Line.'"

"That got me to thinking about how long Seattle has been trying to expand the Monorail and came across an article from 1994 talking about an effort to do just that, years before the Green Line," Horn continues. "So maybe it's time to muster another effort - a successful one this time."

Maybe? Shit, definitely! Bungled as that first effort was, the combination of the Sound Transit cock tease and the viaduct's impending demolition have only served to make westsiders (that's me!) more nervous about their gridlocked future, and life's full of second acts. That said, Horn's probably not the guy to direct it this time. In fact, he probably shouldn't even be granted a cameo--but we sure appreciate his undaunted enthusiasm.

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