Jail Sucks, Maurice Clemmons' Bonder, Went By Book

Jail Sucks doesn't, says state
Despite the hate mail they've gotten, the instantly infamous Jail Sucks bail bonding company out of Chehalis followed the rules when it helped Maurice Clemmons get out of jail six days before he killed four Lakewood cops and two days later was himself killed by a Seattle police officer.

"Everything looks like it was done according to law," Department of Licensing spokeswoman Christine Anthony tells the News Tribune's Lewis Kamb. A review found procedures "to be in order," Anthony said. "They had an authorized insurer and carried out all the paperwork properly."

JS was never officially accused of wrongdoing but has tried to stave off a public backlash after the officers' deaths. As SW previously reported, Jail Sucks posted a long declaration on its web site, stating it was unaware of some aspects to the case, including the possibility Clemmons faced a life sentence for child rape. "Had we known this," JS says, "we would not have posted this bond."

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