If He Only Had a Brain: 'Scarecrow Bandit' Tries, Fails to Rob Two Banks

"With the thoughts he'd be thinkin' he could be another Lincoln if he only had a brain. Da-do-da-do-do-do-doo."
Burlap isn't a very breathable material. It's also hard to see through, even if you cut out little eye holes. Which might explain why the 'Scarecrow Bandit' is having so much trouble robbing banks.

The would-be robber earned his nickname by wearing a burlap sack over his head during two unsuccessful burglary attempts on Monday. At the first, he was thwarted by an armored car driver with a gun. At the second, our hero was forced to dump his stolen loot after a dye pack exploded, staining the bills red.

Lakewood police say their suspect may be armed and dangerous. And, when caught, likely headed for an Oz that's more HBO than TMC.

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