Hunter Takes Aim, Shoots Robber in Butt With Arrow

If you're being chased, there's only one person you'd fear more than a bow hunter.
Criminals as a species tend to be unlucky. But sometimes they catch a break. Such is the case for one would-be robber who tried to break into a home in Kelso, Wa.

According to police, the thief was trying to bust his way into the vacant house when he was interrupted by a curious neighbor. Only this neighbor wasn't just your average unarmed fellow; he was a hunter carrying a compound bow.

A three-block chase ensued. When the robber failed to stop, the hunter took aim and fired an arrow into his thieving ass.

Weirdly, cops are saying they haven't made any arrests. Even though a 32-year-old man entered a local hospital hours later with an arrow tip lodged in his butt. (Could those two events really be coincidental?)

But that's not why the still-on-the-loose robber is lucky. No, he's fortunate because, while he was tracked down like prey, he at least wasn't being tracked by a rifle owner.

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