Helpful Cops Remove Burglar Stuck in Window, Then Arrest Him

When picking an entry point, it's important to find one bigger than yourself.
The competent criminal knows his limitations. Meaning he doesn't try to squeeze himself in a space small enough to guarantee he'll become a precinct punchline for years to come.

On Tuesday afternoon, a woman working at the Northwest African American Museum heard a window break in the office next to hers. When she went to investigate, she saw one-half of a man stuck in a 12x18 frame. Officers responding to the scene found the man's other half.

The waifish 5'7'', 140-pound burglar's feet were dangling off the ground. He asked police to "get him out of here." Which they did. Then they arrested him for investigation of burglary, despite his claim that he was only looking for a warm place to spend the night.

(H/T: Central District News)

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