Donald Trump Says 'Boycott Italy' Until Amanda Knox Goes Free

"Hey, Italian prosecutor. You're fi...temproarily relieved of your duties."
Real-estate mogul and dedicated diplomat Donald Trump says that Americans should boycott Italy until convicted American study abroad student Amanda Knox goes free. On his blog (really?) on the homepage for his University (really?!), Trump says he's come to believe in Knox's innocence based on a first-hand look at the trial.
They should put the prosecutor in jail, not Amanda Knox. I have little doubt, based on what I saw, that he abused his power and in fact he is already under investigation for abuse of power in an unrelated case. (I would bet, based on what I saw during Amanda's trial, that he is guilty.) Why don't they put him in her jail cell and let her go.
Technically that last sentence is a question. But since Trump believes uncertainty equals weakness he's had all the question mark keys removed from TrumpU's campus computer labs.

Trump is the second celebrity to come out in favor of American intervention in the Knox case. But considering Sen. Maria Cantwell hasn't emptied multiple Italian quarries in order to outfit the countertops of her high-rise condos, I'd say Trump has more expertise on the matter.

(H/T: The Big Blog)

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