Arkansas Felon William Forbes Arrives in Seattle, Promptly Goes Missing

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Maurice Clemmons wasn't the only offender to break his parole last month
This will likely sound familiar: A man is convicted of theft in Arkansas, and then subsequently relocates to Washington where the state Department of Corrections takes responsibility for his supervision. After violating the terms of his release agreement, he disappears.

The person in question here is William T. Forbes, not reputed cop killer Maurice Clemmons. Forbes is one of 14 offenders from Arkansas whose supervision is still being handled by the by the Washington state Department of Corrections, reports the News Tribune.

But unlike the rest of the 14 remaining members of the Arkansas delegation, state officials don't currently know where Forbes is.

Earlier this month, a furious Governor Christine Gregoire suspended an agreement that requires Washington officials to assume the supervision of relocated Arkansas parolees after it was revealed that officials there had rescinded the arrest warrant that would have kept Clemmons in custody for violating parole here.

And while Arkansas and Washington officials squabbled over correct procedure, Clemmons evidently walked into a Parkland coffee shop and shot four Lakewood police officers.

Now another Arkansas felon has slipped his supervision. Records obtained by the Tribune aren't clear on the dates, but sometime after his conviction, Forbes, 48, relocated to Moses Lake, Washington. While area law enforcement conducted a massive manhunt for Clemmons, Forbes stopped checking in with his assigned corrections officers. Arkansas has now issued an warrant for his arrest. If caught he'll be held without bail.

Given how Forbes' case dovetails with Clemmons', and how the entire history of the latter has been exposed, this go round may not end as tragically as the last time Washington and Arkansas butted heads. But then that's not a very high bar to clear.

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