Chalk Outlines: Tyrese Harrison Identified as Suspect In the Murder of Local Rapper Max "AKshun" Gasoi

AKshun the Don may have been killed during a drug deal gone bad
Seattle police have identified the chief suspect in the shooting murder of local aspiring emcee, Max Gasoi.

His name is Tyrese Brandele Harrison. He's 22, currently a fugitive and is considered armed and dangerous.

According to court documents, he's alleged to have murdered Gasoi in what may have been a drug deal gone wrong.

The day after his murder, a police obtained a statement from a man who claimed to be with Gasoi on the night of his murder. He told investigators that he and Gasoi were playing video games when Gasoi received a phone call from a "friend from Bremerton" (now identified as Tyrese Harrison) wanting to coordinate a meet.

The pair then drove to First Hill where they picked Harrison up near Columbia and Boren. Harrison sat in the back, after which Gasoi handed him a large sack filled with what the witness assumed was marijuana.

The transaction proceeded amicably, said the witness---right up until he heard a sudden "explosion" inside the car. The witness jumped from the passenger seat and took off on foot. Looking back he saw Gasoi standing outside of the vehicle with his own 9mm handgun drawn.

Nearby witnesses reported multiple shots being fired, after which Gasoi was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. According to records, a bullet entered his arm, and then pierced his heart, killing him.

Police later found quantities of what they was marijuana and other drugs, as well as a large amount of cash. They also matched Harrison's fingerprints to those found inside of Gasoi's car. If and when he's caught, he'll be looking at request from the King County Prosecutor's office for $1 million bail.

Police ask that anyone with information on Harrison's whereabouts either 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Unit at 206 684-5550, or for those wishing to remain anonymous are Crime Stoppers at 1-800 222-TIPS (8477).

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