Chalk Outlines: Daniel Hicks Wanted in Connection With Shooting Deaths of Mother and Infant Daughter

Police say Daniel Hicks was well acquainted with the 28-year-old victim and her infant daughter.
UPDATE: Hicks was arrested yesterday in California. Details after the jump.

A woman checking up on her daughter and granddaughter found both shot to death yesterday in their Beacon Hill home. Now police are calling 29-year-old Daniel Hicks a "person of interest" in the two murders.

Police say that Hicks is well acquainted with the 28-year-old woman and her 13-week-old daughter. But they won't specify the nature of their relationship.

Hicks doesn't have a long rap sheet. In December of 2001 he was arrested at 5th and Pike for breaking a motorist's window and kicking a dent in her door. Hicks claimed the woman had hit him with her car. He eventually reached an agreement to attend anger management classes in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Police say Hicks may be driving a white Chevy pickup with a chrome toolbox in the back. They consider him to be armed and dangerous.

UPDATE: The now-identified victim, Jennifer Morgan, and her daughter, Emma, were shot 12 and seven times, respectively.

According to court documents obtained by SeattleCrime, the gun prosecutors think Hicks used could only hold eight rounds. Meaning he would have had to reload at least once in order to shoot his daughter and girlfriend that many times.

Besides laying out the details of a horrific murder scene, the documents also chart the course of a deteriorating relationship.

According to his half-sister, Hicks felt like Morgan had gotten pregnant in order to trap him. He was also upset that the baby was a girl, and not a boy.

Out of work for the past year, Hicks was depressed, suicidal and abusive. He had a large cache of weapons and had previously threatened to kill Morgan.

At the crime scene Hicks left a note to a brother stationed in Iraq. "I'm sorry [name removed]. I hope your stuff is not stolen by the police," it said. "I am sick, like Grandpa. Sorry cannot fix life. Please live for yourself and not others. Do not cry."

The "like Grandpa" remark is apparently a reference to a grandfather that shot and killed his wife, then killed himself, when Hicks was a baby.

Hicks' father told investigators that he received a collect call from his son last Wednesday. The call had come from San Jose, California.

King County prosecutors have charged Hicks with two counts of aggravated murder, which means either a life sentence or the death penalty. He is still considered armed and dangerous.

UPDATE: Cops tracked Hicks to a pay phone in Santa Cruz where they arrested him at gunpoint.

They later recovered Hicks' 2006 Chevy pick-up in Weeds, Ca, 300 miles north of his arrest location. Hicks told police he had hitchhiked through Northern California.

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