Casey Printz Robs Two Banks While Wearing a Sweatshirt Bearing His Name

Even these criminal masterminds agree Casey Printz used a crappy disguise.
Calling cards are risky for today's modern criminal. Sure, it's nice to get recognized for your work. But giving cops a head start on finding you is usually a bad idea.

Just ask Casey Printz.

The 23-year-old is accused of using a BB gun to knock over two banks and a kitchen supply store. Last week cops arrested Printz at an Aurora Avenue motel.

So how did they know they'd found their man? He was wearing the evidence.

According to SeattleCrime, court documents say that during all three robberies Printz was wearing a gray sweatshirt with his named printed on the front.

Bank surveillance footage caught a partial glimpse of his attire, which the FBI says resembles a Princeton University shirt. Thus marking the only time anyone will ever confuse Printz with an Ivy League graduate.

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