Bill O'Reilly's Goon Squad to Visit Tacoma Judges Who Set Bail for Cop-Killer Maurice Clemmons

You can tell Bill O'Reilly's a fearless truth seeker because of how loudly he yells.
Four police officers get gunned down in cold blood on Sunday and, being humans, we want to know where to point fingers. The answer, of course, is right at Maurice Clemmons, the disturbed former convict from Tacoma who started going crazy last May. But he's not the only one responsible.

Then Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee commuted Clemmons sentence in 2000, essentially letting him walk. Arkansas made a lackluster attempt at getting him sent back this year when he violated his parole, something Pierce County is guilty of too. Family members knew he had a gun and heard him make a Thanksgiving promise to murder police.

The point is: Life's complicated. Which is why it must be so nice to be Fox News talking head Bill O'Reilly, a man for whom a simple answer always exists.

As Blatherwatch reports, O'Reilly has now promised to send his henchman to Tacoma to demand answers of the two judges who set Clemmons bail. Apparently they won't speak to him directly. Which isn't a surprise, since judges don't make it a habit to explain decisions like this.

So nevermind that, as Rick Anderson wrote yesterday, anyone who knows the criminal justice system "will tell you that the necessary records are almost always incomplete, inaccurate or unavailable, and decisions such as the release of Clemmons are typically made without full knowledge of the potential threat." Because this isn't about getting a response from the judges. Or finding that simple answer to a question that really doesn't provide one. It's about, well, let's let Blatherwatch tell it:

So he'll send someone to yell gotcha questions at these guys in a parking lot or in their driveways. They won't answer- but no matter, it's more of a punishment for ignoring O'Reilly than a truth-seeking mission.
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