Amanda Knox Takes the Stand: The Critics Speak

Fluent in Italian, yet trembling in her defense. Now the jury will decide Knox's fate.
Accused murderer Amanda Knox made a direct plea to the jury yesterday in her Perugia, Italy trial for the 2007 murder of fellow foreign exchange student Meredith Kercher. Is the 22-year-old Seattle native guilty? We have no idea. But here's a quick overview of the media reaction to her words. (The jury could decide her fate--possibly a life sentence in jail--as early as next week.)

"Her Voice Faltered" The Daily Mail

"Reading From Notes" The Guardian

"In a Trembling Voice" The New York Times

"I Am Not Violent" The Telegraph

"Her Voice Trembled" BBC News

"There Is No Motive" Local writer Tim Egan, blogging for The New York Times.

"She Felt Deluded, Sad, Frustrated and Vulnerable" Seattle P-I (Whose Idaho-born freelancer in Perugia, Andrea Vogt, has supplied the best ongoing coverage of the case; surely she's writing a book on it)

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