Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Joslyn James Wanted in Washington

Joslyn James has very few SFW pictures. This is one of them.
A porn star who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods is wanted in Washington for back child support. Which porn star, you ask?

Joslyn James, a.k.a. Veronica Siwick, is Alleged Woods' Mistress #11 for those counting at home. (And yes, one of two who makes her living in the "adult entertainment industry.") But (so far) the only one with local ties.

Siwick's pic on DSHS's website.
The Department of Social and Health Services lists Siwick as one of its 30 Most Wanted. According to DSHS, the Las Vegas resident owes over $12,000 for support of her 10-year-old child.

tiger woods and elin.jpg
Who even thinks twice about cheating on a woman who looks like that?
Woods, who up until this past week had done a good job of vacuum-sealing shut any word about his life as an actual human being, has seen his dirty laundry aired out in the most public way possible since he ran his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant.

Since then, the dawning of each day has corresponded with a new twist, or new girl. James is just the latest, having been outed on Tuesday by sports blog Deadspin who claims she considered herself Woods' "full-time" mistress thanks to "years of faithful service." Yikes! And may I add, "libelous?"

James has yet to return phone calls about her alleged affair with the world's greatest golfer. But she might want to reconsider that stance soon. Considering the money she stands to make by talking it might be a convenient way to clear the air and get herself off of that pesky list.

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