Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor's Plan to Make Health Care Better by Making it More Like Amazon

Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor's amendment allows insurance companies to be rated by the public.
The last time you bought something off Amazon, chances are you scrolled down to the user comments before clicking your way towards checkout. Sure, some of them were profane and unhelpful. But for the most part, consumer reviews are a good way of finding the best garden hose. Or gaming console. Or, now, comprehensive health insurance plan.

Ezra Klein of The Washington Post reports:

Backed by a 98 to 0 vote, Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) just passed a small amendment that might make a big difference in insurance markets. Pryor's amendment directs "the Department of Health and Human Services [to] establish, gather and post online consumer feedback about the health care plans offered through the proposed health care exchange."

In other words, the hive mind will now be used to help consumers make better choices about their PPO, not just their next Playstation 3 game. And if insurers don't offer a good product? Well, let's just say there will come a day when you'll see someone describe Aetna as "full of n00bs." And what a glorious day that will be, my friends.

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