Your One-Step Guide to Turning Wal-Mart Into a Victim: Blame Amazon

Sympathy for the Devil.
Fiona Dias has done the impossible. She's managed to turn the Mephistopheles of Big Box retailers into a victim. That'd be Wal-Mart.

Dias, the VP of a company which manages the Web sites of large retailers like Wal-Mart, accomplished the stunning feat in a New York Times article documenting the growing price wars between Amazon and the Bentonville, Arkansas giant.

Wal-Mart still dominates retail with $400 billion in sales. Amazon is a relative lightweight with only $20 billion. But the fight for future earnings may well take place online, a venue currently dominated by Seattle-based Amazon. And that doesn't sit right with Dias.

Taking a daring pro-bully stance, she offered the Times the following thrown gauntlet:

"We have to put our foot down and refuse to let them grow more powerful," she said. "I applaud Wal-Mart. It's about time multichannel retailers stood up and refused to let their business go away."
Owners of the thousands of locally run hardware and grocery stores forced out of business by Wal-Mart weren't immediately available for comment. But through a spokesperson they were able to relay the following message: "What Fiona Dias lacks in brains she more than makes up for in balls."
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