Yakima Once Home to Insufferable Prigs

Historians marvel at the Yakima man's ability to disapprove of everything fun.
Along with being Veteran's Day, today is also Washington State's 120th birthday. And thanks to Brian Zylstra at the Secretary of State's "From Our Corner" blog, we can take this moment to thank our lucky stars Yakima isn't still filled with such snooty bastards.

Zylstra tracked down a Yakima Herald article announcing a move that, at the time, was a really big deal. And you'd think whoever was on deadline that morning would have taken the opportunity to talk up the Evergreen State's new-found unity. Rather than say, I don't know, using it as a chance to talk about how everyone was more civilized in Yakima.

From November 14, 1889:

We are now a state and our name is Washington, with the abbreviation of Wash. The transition took place at 5:27 o'clock Monday afternoon, November 11 1889. The emancipation from territorial vassalage was received in some giddy cities with the burning of powder, patriotic speeches and champagne for the rich -- whiskey and beer for the poor. Here in dignified Yakima we smiled a smile of satisfaction and moved along the even tenor of our way, building three story brick business blocks, handsome residences and projecting new and greater enterprises for the coming year.
So let's get this straight: You're patting yourself on the back for not boozing, lighting fireworks and staying up all night during a once-in-a-lifetime event? Geez. Let's hope that the past 120 years gave this Yakiman ample time to remove the large Redwood lodged in his colon.
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