Lively Voter Turnout at King County Cemetery District

Last week's general election drew just 52 percent of voters in King County, according to new figures (Elections Director Sherill Huff had been predicting a 55 percent showing). Exactly 565,993 of the 1,084,591 registered county voters bothered to return their ballots, and not even all of those will be counted.

But there is a bright spot: In one community, more than two out of three people voted - early, maybe often. That would be King County Cemetery District No. 1, Vashon Island, where more than 66 percent rose from their...chairs? mail in their ballots - they were electing a new cemetery commissioner, Lisa Ryan Devereau, unopposed, to oversee the public taxing district. (Presumbly, all were living voters, although, remember, 22 of the votes in the county primary were cast by dead people). In contrast to that 66 percent, only 38 percent of voters down in the city of Pacific sent in their ballots. Townsfolk there now bear the distinction of being democratically deader than a cemetery district.

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