Tim Lincecum Wins Cy Young, Proves Voters Don't Mind Less Victories or Pot Arrests

This guy likes to get stoned? Impossible.
Former University of Washington pitcher and current San Francisco Giant Tim Lincecum won his second-straight National League Cy Young award yesterday.

The hardware comes a couple days after Zach Greinke took home the same honor in the American League. Combined, Lincecum and Greinke's victories constitute a trend: The slow devaluation of the win as the primary measure of a pitcher, a fancy way of saying that voters are getting smarter as baseball stats get more accurate.

More interesting, however, is the fact that two weeks ago Lincecum, a dead ringer for Mitch from "Dazed and Confused," was busted for pot possession while speeding down a highway in Southwest Washington. So which is more progressive: Voters overlooking Lincecum's low win total (he had three less than his closest rival, Adam Wainwright) or his hot-boxed Mercedes?

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