Think the Times v. P-I Rivalry Is Dead? Not to Joel Connelly

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As long as Connelly's around, don't expect the Times-P-I rivalry to flatline entirely.
Ever since the P-I folded its print edition into a wiry web-only operation that is extremely generous about linking to content from other sites (thanks, Casey!), including its once-hated competitor, The Seattle Times, some folks assume that rivalry is in the rearview. But while there's no arguing that it's a shadow of its former self, the presence of vets like Joel Connelly ensure that a jab will still get thrown here and there. In his election recap column today, Connelly, as is his custom, subtly reminds us whose forecasts were the most off-base. Dead-center in his bull's eye: the Times' Metro columnist, Danny Westneat--and for good measure, the Times' editorial board.

"Washington voters are confounding folk, habitually humiliating those who come bearing crystal balls," writes Connelly. "A Rasmussen Poll last month showed I-1033 with a 61 percent to 31 percent lead. It lost. Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat predicted that Tim Eyman and Susan Hutchison would be election night winners. Both were defeated."

As for the ed. board, he writes: "Former KIRO-TV anchor Susan Hutchison ignored her Republican links and trotted out Democratic endorsers. The Seattle Times bestowed its establishment blessing upon her. The results: Dow Constantine apparently won by a comfortable margin, and will take over King County's highest office."

Incidentally, Connelly and I will be discussing just this subject matter live on SCAN-TV's "Sound Month In Review" tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Tune in if you please (Channel 77 on most cable networks).

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