The UW Goes Green With Help From City Light and the Guy in Suite 13

Dual tower Kegerator corny.jpg
Warning students: this is probably not on the list of approved dormroom appliances
Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council voted 5-4 in approval of a 13.8 percent hike in City Light fees. Now the utility announces that it will partner with the University of Washington to test an advanced energy system designed to help reduce energy costs for customers.

The $9 million Smart Grid Project will integrate campus energy systems, and both monitor and regulate energy consumption in some 200 campus buildings, including two residence halls.

Because nothing screams energy efficiency like the resident of a college dormitory.

Actually, if the energy usage of your average Joe College is indicative of modern trends in energy consumption, a residence hall is probably an appropriate choice.

According to UW President Mark Emmert, students won't just be passive actors during the project, some will be given the opportunity to help test some of the new tech.

"For the first time, there will be fuel gauges on energy consumption in residence halls, giving students some control over that consumption," according to Emmert.

That sound you hear is a fraternity brother furiously calculating the number of BTUs needed to run his kegerator.

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