The Other Side of the KVI Story, by Kirby Wilbur

He got a jaw-dropping 50 percent raise he never asked for, then got sacked because his pay was too high, and his ratings too low - which he disputes. That's Kirby Wilbur's story, in a nutshell, about how the conservative talk show host got fired by KVI/Fisher Broadcasting. He wishes details of the sacking had remained private, but now he's talking about it (and so, apparently, are his followers: Wilbur says Fisher has set up a separate phone line to take calls on his departure).

"If management had kept this a matter between us, where it belonged," he writes, "I would have said nothing. But, 700 emails on Friday, the loss of a significant advertiser, a steady volume of phone calls, I'm sure they were caught off-guard and had to say something. I understand some even suggested that all these calls were part of a GOP conspiracy and did not reflect real KVI listeners. I know better. They should."

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