Sports' Strangest Streak Belongs to Wazzu

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The Cougars are so bad that Evans (r) could probably make the team.
The world is a large enough place that you've got to figure for every potential obsession, there's an obsessor. The Digital Age only makes this theory more plausible; if there can be Twitter and YouTube pages devoted to the memory of Josh Ryan Evans, the 37-inch tall actor who starred as Timmy in the soap opera "Passions," then anything is truly possible.

Fitting, then, that on Crapple Cup's eve, Bud Withers tells the story of an obsession that's bizarre even by bizarre obsessions' standards: For the past 88 telecasts of ESPN's "College GameDay," a crimson Wazzu flag has been flown in the background.

The streak started in 2003, back when the question wasn't whether the now-lowly Cougs should defect to the Big Sky Conference, but whether they'd make the Rose Bowl. The brainchild of Class of '81 grad Tom Pounds, who's made sure a flag makes it to each "GameDay" set ever since, it could be argued that the streak has doubled as a curse, as the Cougars have been goll dang dreadful since (as have the Huskies).

Either way, that kind of dedication--whatever the end to the means--is genuinely awe-inspiring.

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