Should Mike Holmgren and His Ex Hook Up Again?

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Now, if we could just get you out of that headset and upstairs.
Do the Seahawks want to get back together with their ex-boyfriend, and a very serious ex-boyfriend at that? That's effectively the question Steve Kelley asks in this morning's Times, where the columnist suggests that Mike Holmgren would be silly to light off for Cleveland when he could simply take over for Hawk GM Tim Ruskell, whose contract expires at year's end. Ruskell, as noted in the comments section, took over for Bob Ferguson, who took over for Holmgren after his first run at the job was deemed inadequate.

"Why not give Mike Holmgren a second chance at the general manager's job in Seattle?" Kelley asks. "Holmgren put together the core of the 2005 team that went to the Super Bowl in Detroit. He gets hammered for some of the picks he made then...but Holmgren also chose Steve Hutchinson, Shaun Alexander, Marcus Trufant, Sean Locklear and Craig Terrill...Holmgren changed the franchise's fortunes by making the trade that brought quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to Seattle...Who would be better to pick Hasselbeck's successor than the man who brought him to Seattle?"

It's hard arguing with Kelley's logic, and Holmgren would undoubtedly be a more focused general manager if he didn't have to sweat coaching as well. But don't sell the ex factor short. Even if the reunion sex is awesome at first, and even if you start dating again and remind one another why you got together in the first place, it's never too long before an uglier reminder--a reminder of why you broke up--brings the situation crashing back to earth.

On paper, Holmgren reclaiming the Hawks' GM job might seem a fantastic scenario. But given the prior liaison, it's a whole lot more complicated than that.

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