Second Amendment Brief Filed by Bellevue Gun Nuts

The question before the U.S. Supreme Court, as asked by Alan Gottlieb's Second Amendment Foundation of Bellevue in a challenge to Chicago's gun ban, is whether the right to keep and bear arms applies to all states under the Fourteenth Amendment's privileges, Immunities, or due process clauses.

And the answer, filed yesterday in SAF's brief to the high court, is of course yes in the view of self-professed gun nut Gottlieb. The legal background is detailed in last week's SW cover story on Gottlieb and his group but, as SAF attorney Alan Gura indicates, Chicago's ban is going down since "There should be no need to recite the exhaustive historical evidence...The matter is settled: the Second Amendment 'codified a right inherited from our English ancestors.'"

Just as the Supremes struck down D.C.'s gun ban, they are likely to strike Chicago's and effectively any similar ban in any U.S. city and state. The landmark case is to be argued early next year.

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