Seattle's Unemployment Rate Catches Up With the State

A sign of things to come?
In former Seattle Weekly writer Fred Moody's book "Seattle and the Demons of Ambition," someone, I can't remember who, made the case that the city's unemployment rate was always half or double the nation's. The comment was meant to relate how Seattle had been shaped by various booms and busts. But if there's any truth to it, we're headed to a very, very dark place.

This morning, the Employment Security Department reported that the statewide jobless rate in October was 9.3%, roughly the same as the month before. Metro Seattle, however, got worse. Jumping from 8.7 to 9.3, same as the state as a whole.

Seattle is still roughly a point behind the national average. But that's an uncomfortable margin if there's any truth to the prophecy in Moody's book.

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