Seattle Blogs: If You're Going to Drive Stoned, Don't do it With 31 Pounds of Pot in the Back Seat

If this man asks you to go for a ride, best think twice.
Today's blog roundup tastes great and is less filling. But it will probably hotbox your cubicle.

- Seattle 911 tells the story of the 68-year-old California man pulled over for weaving on I-5 near Tukwila. Just how sick do you have to be to need 31 pounds of "medical" marijuana?

- TechCrunch has video of Bono and a Vancouver crowd singing "Happy Birthday" to Bill Gates. As if this man doesn't have enough reasons to leap out of bed every morning.

- Cherry Canoe went to a pre-Halloween party, but all he she (Sorry Kerri!) got was this lousy shot of Mike McGinn and a zombie.

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