Seattle Blogs: Family of Officer Timothy Brenton Speaks

The family of Timothy Brenton says the outporing of support has been overwhelming.
Today's blogs can't believe the sun is already down by the time they leave the office.

- Central District News has video of Seattle Police Department Assistant Chief Jim Pugel reading a hand-written letter of thanks from Officer Timothy Brenton's family to the community. They've also got the scoop on how to thank them back with a donation.

- On the eve of the R-71 vote (*ahem* hopeful passage), Monica Guzman tells the story of Paul Barwick, one half of a Seattle couple who unsuccessfully filed for a marriage license way back in 1971.

- TechFlash has video of John Grisham calling the current book pricing-wars a "disaster" for the industry. Left unsaid: They're also a "disaster" for the remodeling plans on John Grisham's beach house's beach house.

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