Sarah Palin's Thanksgiving Gulfstream-Gate

Palin didn't write her own book, so why should she ride her own bus?
Remember how former vice-presidential candidate and now bestselling author Sarah Palin was to spend Thanksgiving here in Washington state? She was to dine in Richland with family and sign a few copies of her ghostwritten autobiography, Going Rogue, far from elitist Seattle. She's such a regular American that she even conducts her book tour by bus! Not like us jet-set liberals on the other side of the Cascades.

Only The Daily Beast's Joe McGinniss reports that narrative is complete bullshit. While her staff rides in the bus, she's "cosseted in the luxury of a Gulfstream II 12-passenger jet rented from Universal Jet Aviation of Boca Raton, Florida, at a cost of more than $4,000 per hour." And more: "On November 25, the plane carried Palin, her parents, her two youngest children and her Aunt Katie to Pasco, Washington, for Thanksgiving." We hope she enjoyed the meal and sold a lot of books to the plain, ordinary folks who waited for hours in line to see her. And, in a funny side note, she DNF'ed out of a local 5K charity run in Pasco. Or maybe she had a plane to catch.

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