Sad Sonics Documentary to Screen at SIFF Cinema

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Reid's film will want you make to punch these assbag conspirators in the face.
I watched Sonicsgate for the first time this past Saturday morning, and it moved me to tears. This is unusual, because: (a) macho man that I am, I rarely cry during movies, (b) and when I do, the plot typically involves death or romance. Sonicsgate, meanwhile, is a documentary chronicling the rise, fall, and departure of the franchise formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics, which now calls Oklahoma City home and has Thunder on its jersey. But then I got to thinking: Sonicsgate is about death and romance, at least for those of us who became intoxicated with the NBA's ballet, and the team that danced for 41 years on Lower Queen Anne.

Sonicsgate had a couple one-off theatrical premieres about a month ago, and is available for free for anyone who wants to download it on the web. But now comes word from the film's creator, Jason Reid, that the documentary, which features a killer soundtrack comprised of beats from local hip-hop luminaries like Grynch and the Blue Scholars, will have the benefit of a proper week-long cinematic run at SIFF Cinema (321 Mercer St.) from December 11-17. Tickets are available through

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