Phinney-Greenwood Fire Ruled an Arson, We Eat Crow

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Meanwhile, on the mean streets of North Seattle's Phinney-Greenwood, Seattle Fire Department investigators have concluded that the early morning blaze that took down three neighborhood restaurants and a coffeehouse was intentionally set.

Now we've been happy to sit back and lampoon as Phinney and Greenwood residents went all Chicken Little over reports of idling cars and sunlight averse loiterers--and by we I mean now departed uber-blogger Damon Agnos.

But if you factor in the series of fires--ruled arsons all--from earlier this year, you've perhaps got the makings of an actual trend.

Predictably, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce President Steve Giliberto is urging residents to be even more vigilant of suspicious activity.

The Greenwood-Phinney Chamber has contacted the Seattle Police Department's North Precinct's community liaison and requested a detailed and clear response to the status of the current investigation into what is now being handled as a criminal matter, particularly as it relates to the rash of other fires our neighborhood business and residential district has suffered in the last several months. We will continue to press for communication between the officered leadership staff of the Seattle Police Department's North Precinct and the community at large as to how best we can protect and defend Greenwood-Phinney against such criminal activity.

Remember, the previous bar to clear for a police response to supposedly suspicious activity in Phinney was sitting in a parked car. Not sure what seemingly innocuous activity comes next. My money would be on something involving jaywalking, but then I really don't want to give them any ideas.

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