Parents Group Asks Microsoft to Drop All "Family Guy" Ads

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane: Not offensive, just no longer funny.
When Microsoft found out that Seth MacFarlane's one-hour "Family Guy" special was filled with jokes about the Holocaust, Mother Theresa and incest they canceled their sponsorship. Now, the same busybodies that got the FCC to fine ABC for daring to show a bare ass on "NYPD Blue" have asked them to go one step further.

At today's annual shareholder's meeting, Gavin McKiernan of the Parents Television Council, a non-profit media watcher funded by a conservative Catholic activist, asked Microsoft to stop spending millions to advertise during MacFarlane's shows. Said McKiernan: "Mr. Chairman, by not sponsoring the Seth MacFarlane special, Microsoft demonstrated tremendous courage and leadership. The nation's parents and children are grateful."

Actually, the nation's parents disagree with you, PTC.

Because while the nation's parents are pretty united in not wanting to expose their kids to too much sex and violence, they're also reasonable enough to know that that's going to happen anyway. So maybe it's better if they're sitting on the couch with them to provide answers to the inevitable follow-up questions. The nation's parents are also grateful to any show, crude or otherwise, that can keep their kids occupied long enough so that they can catch up on the basics, like sleep and taxes.

Plus, the decency police are working the wrong angle here. Microsoft shouldn't stop advertising with MacFarlane because his shows are offensive. They should stop advertising with him because his shows aren't good anymore. Pretty sure the nation's parents agree on that one, too.

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