M's GM Jack Zduriencek Re-Signs Fellow Jack Wilson, Further Establishing Club's Love for the Name Jack

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"Maybe if this acting gig doesn't work out, I'll go play for the Mariners."
Before last season, the M's hired Jack Zduriencek as the club's new general manager. While the M's opening-day roster consisted of precisely zero Jacks, the Z-Man wasted no time in remedying that, trading for, in succession, third baseman Jack Hannahan and shortstop Jack Wilson, thus increasing the organization's Jack tally to an MLB-leading (we think, anyway) three.

But the Jack named Wilson, a stellar performer in Pittsburgh, was muy mal for the M's, batting .224 in an injury-plagued 31 games, creating an air of suspicion as to whether Jack Z would pick up the $8.4 million option on Jack W's contract for 2010. He didn't, but Jack'll still be back. All three of 'em, in fact.

This afternoon, the M's announced the signing of Wilson to a 2-year, $10 million contract (plus performance incentives). In so doing, Jack Z declined to pick up the 2010 option, thus instantly lining Jack W's wallet with $600K in buyout cash.

But in restructuring Jack W's deal rather than simply picking up the option, Jack Z essentially gets his fellow Jack's services in 2011 for $1.6 million, a bargain price should Jack W's abbreviated 2009 stint with the club prove to be an aberration. Hence, if you still don't know Jack(s), you sure should by next October.

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