Microsoft Worked With NSA on Windows 7

Leading conspiracy theorists say now would be a good time to double-up on the Reynolds Wrap.
Yesterday, a senior official with the National Security Agency confirmed that the NSA had worked with Microsoft to improve security on their new operating system Windows 7.

The news was met with some understandable hand-wringing. Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times wrote that the partnership between a private company and the agency made infamous by warrantless wiretaps is a "little unnerving." And Computerworld quoted a privacy expert worried that the NSA might use the partnership to fashion themselves a secret backdoor into Windows 7.

But most of the worry is for naught. After all, Microsoft's partnership with NSA is anything but new.

It actually stretches all the way back to 2005. And it includes work on the last OS, Vista.

Of course, if you already have tin foil for drapes (the better to scramble the black helicopter's navigation equipment) and a basement bunker filled with non-perishables (to nourish you after The Great Reckoning) you probably disregarded those last two grafs and came to the conclusion that this is all an elaborate conspiracy between Microsoft and the NSA to turn your family, co-workers and the neighbor's talking dog against you.

And you're right, of course. Because they are out to get you. All of them. Especially that yappy little mutt.

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