Mike McGinn's Brilliant Tunnel Flip-Flop, Special "We Told You So" Edition

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We knew McGinn would be nothing but smiles after softening his tunnel stance.
Last night, at Del Rey, Publicola sponsored a boozy mayoral campaign debrief featuring, among other participants, Mallahan surrogate Charla Neuman. Commenting on Mayor-Elect McGinn's late shift of stance on whether he'd lay in front of pile drivers intent on boring out a tunnel to replace the viaduct, Neuman said: "It was a brilliant move, genius. For the first five minutes, I thought, 'yep, this is my Christmas present.' Five minutes later, I thought, 'oh, fill in the blank with your favorite four-letter word.' This could really work for him. Flip-flopping is an inside baseball game. And Mike McGinn is no John Kerry, he can articulate things very well."

So can the Daily Weekly, it turns out.

In late September, prior to McGinn's public flip-flop, we wrote: "Let's say the city council takes the tunnel issue off the table Monday, as expected. Mallahan will understandably proclaim victory, but I'm not sure how much credit he can realistically take, as the tunnel is undeniably Nickels' baby (he's thus far opting to simply thank the city council). Meanwhile, such an action might stand to benefit McGinn down the homestretch, as he can credibly say he fought the good fight while forcing voters to assess other aspects of his candidacy, and freeing up developer types to flock to his corner as he continues to tout urban density. Mike the Bike's greenie/youngin' base ain't goin' nowhere neither."

You're welcome, Mr. Mayor.

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