Mayor Maynot? Mike McGinn in Search of a Nickname

It's not clear if Seattle elected a mayor so much as it elected a tunnel. Pundits think Mike McGinn closed fast on the race Joe Mallahan seemed to be winning when McGinn changed his tune on the planned deep bore downtown tunnel - he was still against it, but he'd bow to the City Council's desire to go ahead with it, a sort of unopposed opposition.

So, with that finger-in-the-wind flip-flop, Mayor Maynot is likely one of the first nicknames that may pop up as McGinn prepares to take over at City Hall. All good (or bad) mayors deserve a moniker to describe their deeds and it will be up to McGinn to make that one unstick in the minds of those who already see him as wishy-washy. It's usually an evolutionary process anyway. Just ask outgoing Mayor Gridlock, a.k.a. Mayor Nickled and Dimed, and, the one he rode to defeat on, Mayor Snowplow. Nominations are now open.

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