Man Thinks He's a Ninja, Impales Himself on Metal Fence

The code of the ninja demands stealth, courage and first checking to see if the fence has a door.
According to all-knowing Wikipedia, the ninja was a covert mercenary in Feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox arts of war. But unorthodox doesn't even begin to describe the tactics of one Seattle man.

As the Police Blotter reports, last night at 11:15 PM an officer was on patrol near Harborview Medical Center when she heard someone screaming for help. When she found the source of the shouting she saw a man stuck to the top of a five-foot high fence, impaled through the gut by a metal spike.

Fire crews arrived shortly thereafter, un-impaled the man (yikes) then transported him to the hospital where he was able to explain to what we assume was a room full of people trying to stifle laughter that he thought he could leap over the fence because he was a ninja. Police have not identified the man (excuse me, ninja), as is their custom, although in this case we're pretty sure they're just trying to spare him more embarrassment.

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