Major League Soccer Uses 'Cup Girls' to Drum Up Interest in the Championship

2 girls, 1 cup.
Major League Soccer makes a big effort to be both hip and family-friendly. That's why yesterday's pregame parade inside Qwest Field before the MLS championship match struck such a bizarre chord. At the head of the line, carrying the Anschutz Trophy, were two wildly made-up, ornamental bimbos in some sort of Star-Trek-meets-track-suit-meets-Grace-Kelly-gloves outfit.

Soccer's popularity in this country, such as it is, has come in part from its modern-minded, post-lunkhead, girls-rock attitude--all of which seems at odds with this kind of cheesy stuff. There may be cheerleaders in the NFL and NBA, but at least those women actually do something. The MLS seems to have joined professional boxing as the last sport to treat women like stick figures.

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